Chapter 18. __FreeBSD_version Values

Table of Contents
18.1. FreeBSD 13 Versions
18.2. FreeBSD 12 Versions
18.3. FreeBSD 11 Versions
18.4. FreeBSD 10 Versions
18.5. FreeBSD 9 Versions
18.6. FreeBSD 8 Versions
18.7. FreeBSD 7 Versions
18.8. FreeBSD 6 Versions
18.9. FreeBSD 5 Versions
18.10. FreeBSD 4 Versions
18.11. FreeBSD 3 Versions
18.12. FreeBSD 2.2 Versions
18.13. FreeBSD 2 Before 2.2-RELEASE Versions

Here is a convenient list of __FreeBSD_version values as defined in sys/param.h:

18.1. FreeBSD 13 Versions

Table 18.1. FreeBSD 13 __FreeBSD_version Values
1300000339436October 19, 201813.0-CURRENT.
1300001339730October 25, 201813.0-CURRENT after bumping OpenSSL shared library version numbers.
1300002339765October 25, 201813.0-CURRENT after restoration of sys/joystick.h.
1300003340055November 2, 201813.0-CURRENT after vop_symlink API change (a_target is now const.)
1300004340841November 23, 201813.0-CURRENT after enabling crtbegin and crtend code.
1300005341836December 11, 201813.0-CURRENT after enabling UFS inode checksums.
1300006342398December 24, 201813.0-CURRENT after fixing sys/random.h include to be usable from C++.
1300007342629December 30, 201813.0-CURRENT after changing the size of struct linux_cdev on 32-bit platforms.
1300008342772January 4, 201913.0-CURRENT after adding kern.smp.threads_per_core and kern.smp.cores sysctls.
1300009343213January 20, 201913.0-CURRENT after struct ieee80211vap structure change to resolve ioctl/detach race for ieee80211com structure.
1300010343485January 27, 201913.0-CURRENT after increasing SPECNAMELEN from 63 to MAXNAMELEN (255).
1300011344041February 12, 201913.0-CURRENT after renameat(2) has been corrected to work with kernels built with the CAPABILITIES option.
1300012344062February 12, 201913.0-CURRENT after taskqgroup_attach() and taskqgroup_attach_cpu() take a device_t and a struct resource pointer as arguments for denoting device interrupts.
1300013344300February 19, 201913.0-CURRENT after the removal of drm and drm2.
1300014344779March 4, 201913.0-CURRENT after upgrading clang, llvm, lld, lldb, compiler-rt and libc++ to 8.0.0 rc3.
1300015345196March 15, 201913.0-CURRENT after deanonymizing thread and proc state enums, so userland applications can use them without redefining the value names.
1300016345236March 16, 201913.0-CURRENT after enabling LLVM OpenMP 8.0.0 rc5 on amd64 by default.
1300017345305March 19, 201913.0-CURRENT after exposing the Rx mbuf buffer size to drivers in iflib.
1300018346012March 16, 201913.0-CURRENT after introduction of funlinkat syscall in 345982.
1300019346282April 16, 201913.0-CURRENT after addition of is_random_seeded(9) to random(4).
1300020346358April 18, 201913.0-CURRENT after restoring availability tradeoff prior to 346250.

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